Andres Fouché was born in Paris (1988). Moving to Holland in his early years, he made a name for himself as a professional skateboarder whilst developing a passion for photography and film.

Starting initially with making skateboard films with his friends as a teenager, he would soon go on to create music videos and short films.His fascination with the world we inhabit, is a source of inspiration to him which stems from a profound love of nature, architecture and the unexplained mysteries of the universe surrounding us.

This is recognized through his body of work which is versatile in it’s styles, oozes with detail and does not shy away from containing a touch of the surreal. With over 25 million views on YouTube, he has become a sought-after director. Onyx, Torre Florim, Redman, Noisia and Dope D.O.D. are some of the big names Andres has worked with.

Which has even led to him winning a “Best music video” award for “Torre Florim (De Staat) – Firestarter” at the Netherlands Film Festival.Besides directing, filming and editing, he has a passion for many different art forms. Painting, creating album cover art and doing an occasional acting cameo, solidify the fact he is an all-round artist.

“Andres is an incredible artist fueled by an everlasting fire of inspiration. Whether it is filming, cutting, editing or envisioning the whole look and feel he always creates quality in his very own style.